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Just grab a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine,) scoot the pile of unfolded laundry over, and have a seat. I’m known here online as Mom2My6Pack. It’s not because I have 6-pack abs (Hooo hooo hee hee hee, I just pulled my abs laughing at that one!) It’s not because I like beer either. It’s because I have 6 kids. What can I say? It seemed like a good idea at the time.

People keep telling me there should be information about me on my website, and well, all the cool kids are doing it, so here ya go. You can read more about me in my BIO.

You can read about our latest adventures – like my attempt to date (it isn’t pretty), and how my kids have to repeatedly save me from the Buick-sized bugs down here. You can search my archives for older stories of the kids painting the walls with peanut butter, giving their siblings haircuts, and building rocket ships out of household appliances – on my BLOG .

To get your very own copy of my books, You’ll Lose the Baby Weight (and other lies about pregnancy and childbirth) or Because I Said So (and other tales from a less-than-perfect parent), check out my BOOKS page.

Take your time, look around and make sure to come back as I update my BLOG a couple times a week. Gotta go! I’m trying to invent a teleportation device, make a coffee IV, and teach my children how to replace the empty toilet paper roll. It’s a time consuming job!

Make yourself at home and enjoy!




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    • Remember That One Teacher?
      Recently, a classmate of mine from grade school posted a picture on our elementary school's Facebook page. It was a photo of an old cookbook that had been created with recipes our parents had submitted. Several of us made comments that we remembered the cookbook, or that our parents still had that cookbook. I noticed […]
    • Dawn's Survival Guide for Family Road-Trips
      My youngest 3 kiddos and I drove to Chicago to celebrate Christmas with our family. We were on the road for 20 hours to get there. Twenty hours. TWENTY HOURS! In that time (and during all the other road trips I've taken with my kids) I learned some things. Things that I will happily pass […]
    • Why Jelly Beans Are The Devil
      Several weeks ago, I stupidly ate a jelly bean. It pulled out my crown. It wasn't even a black jelly bean so it was totally not worth the ensuing dental problems!I went to the dentist a couple days later, handed him the the very expensive piece of porcelain, and asked him to glue my crown […]
    • The Best Thing About Being a Grandma (aka - Payback!)
      When my firstborn son, Austin announced that they were expecting, I immediately imagined cuddling a little grandbaby. Yes, I'll have a cute little grandbaby! Awwww. My son continued, "So what do you think, Grandma?"Wait what? Grandma? Grandma??? No. Oh no, no, no. I am much too young to be a grandma. I mean, I know […]

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